Richland School Board Position 4

About Brett Amidan

When I was 7 years old, we moved from San Jose CA to Richland Washington.  I attended Jason Lee, where I was a part of the first 5th grade class that attended Camp Wooten (a big thanks to Mr. Ryder).  Later I attended Chief Joseph Junior High School and was the last 9th grade class to attend there.  From there, I attended Richland High School, where I enjoyed math classes from teachers like Mr. True, physics class with Eddy the Electron and Mr. Thrasher, and English classes from teachers like Mr. Deathrage (the elder) and Ms. Pfenning. 

After graduating from college with a Master's Degree in Statistics and working for four years at a dental research business, I returned to the Tri-Cities.  Since then, I have worked nearly 18 years at PNNL as a Statistician, where I manage a group of 14 statisticians.  i have also taught Statistics as an adjunct faculty member at CBC for 3 years and for the last 10 years at WSU-TC.

We have 3 children that are in Richland schools and one graduate.  Currently I serve on the Board of Directors for the Tri-City Youth Choir in the role of Treasurer.  I have also served on the Richland Citizens for Good Schools Committee.  I have coached basketball and baseball in youth programs for many years.

I have a passion for education and I hope that with the community, I can play a part in sustaining and improving the education of our youth.