Primary Results:

Brett Amidan 44%

Jill Oldson 34%
Emily Allen 22%

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Recent endorsements -

Tri-City Herald

Benton County Republican Party

WEA  (Washington Educators Association)

Emily Allen (opponent in the Primary)

My Campaign Points

  • The students are the top priority
  • The teachers should be appreciated and helped, not undermined and hindered
  • Required standardized tests and common core should be eliminated (or at the least not required)
  • Parents with children in Richland schools need representation on the School Board
  • West Richland needs representation on the School Board
  • An analytical mind will help the decision making process
  • Improved transparency
  • Will create a teacher reward program (see details in my statement)

About Brett

  • Spent most of my youth in Richland and currently live in West Richland. 
  • Currently a research scientist at the local national laboratory, primarily focused on analytical research.  I manage a group of 14 statisticians.
  • Currently an adjunct faculty member at WSU-Tri-Cities, where I teach an introductory Statistics course each semester. 
  • M.S. and B.S. degrees in Statistics from Brigham Young University.
  • Have 3 children in Richland schools and one graduate.

My Community Service

  • Involved in passing Richland school levies as part of the Richland Citizens for Good Schools Committee.
  • Serving as Treasurer of the Tri-City Youth Choir Board of Directors. 
  • Coached youth sports teams in both basketball and baseball. 
  • Volunteered at Delta and Richland High School for career day activities. 

My Statement

Having children going to school in Richland and having attended Richland schools myself, I have great pride and a vested interest in Richland schools.  As a resident of West Richland who grew up in Richland, I will provide the representation to the Board for West Richland that has been lacking, but still respect the needs and concerns of Richland.   As a professional statistician, I would bring an analytical mind to the Board, helping to better understand the data and make decisions.  As an adjunct instructor at WSU-TC, I understand a little better the teaching profession and how students learn.  The students are our number one priority and I will make sure that is the case.  It is important that teachers are motivated and focused on their all important task of instructing our youth and not distracted and disillusioned by outside forces.  To do this, I initially propose three things.  First, a sit down discussion with teachers to understand what ways we can help.  Make whatever changes possible to standardized testing to help teachers and students succeed.  Second, find a way to deal with snow days that does not require a make-up day.  Other communities do this, reducing costs and allowing the teachers the days off that they were promised.  Third, I plan to use my attendance stipend to fund a teacher reward program.  With the stipend money, I will purchase gift cards from local businesses and award them to teachers that are nominated by parents and students.  Each nomination will require a paragraph explaining why the individual teacher deserves this recognition.  The explanation and gift card will be presented to the teacher.  Although the gift card may be small, I’m sure the appreciative write-up will be the real reward.  As a Board member I hope to facilitate ideas like these and many more with help from the community to improve the education process and in turn, improve the education of our youth.

Richland School Board Position 4